We invite you to bring your books in for trade.  Limit 2 small or medium boxes or 3 bags.  You will receive half of our selling price in trade credit.  Credit is for used books and used audio books only.  Credit can be used at the time of the trade or at a later date. 
We ask that you only bring in books that are in good condition.  Please sort out moldy and torn books. Books that are dirty or dusty and boxes containing insects or spiders should be cleaned before bringing to us.  We may refuse books if we have too many of the title, if they are in poor condition, if we feel that they are of no interest to our customers or if they contain outdated information.
Trade credit will be purged after 5 years of no activity (books traded or purchased) on your account.
Used Book Emporium
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Special Orders (New Books) at 20% Off Cover Price-NO Shipping Fees
We will be happy to special order any book that our distributor has in stock.  Orders are placed each Saturday and usually take a few days to arrive.
Special Requests (Reserves) for Used Books
We will put a "reserve" on any used book for you.  When the book comes in and your name is next on the list, we will call you and hold the book for 1 week.  If you still want the book but cannot come in within a week, please call, we can hold it longer.  If you no longer need the book, please call so that we can go to the next name on the list.  You can call anytime day or night, if we are not here, please leave a message.  If we have called you on three reserved books, that you have not either picked up or called to say you do not need, we will no longer reserve books for you.  Reserves stay in our system until your name comes up or you cancel the reserve.

Ask for the teacher discount (10% off all used books for the classroom).
Be the first to give us your class reading list and receive $5.00 in trade credit.  When we know a book is on a reading list, we will take as many used copies as possible.  If we cannot get enough used copies, we will order new copies (and offer a 20% off the cover price) from our distributor (if available).  Email the list to:
linda-debbie@usedbookemporium.net or drop it off at the store. 
Please include your name, school name, class name, semester and year.